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Revival of Rishi Tradition

The seers and sages (rishis) of the Vedic Age had a reach in the deepest depth of human psychology and the mysteries of Nature. The altruistic path to life preached by them is therefore universal and eternal source of all round happiness and progress.

The founder of Gayatri Pariwar pioneered the resurrection of the Rishi culture by simultaneous renaissance and expansion of the reformative and constructive endeavours of the leading Rishi of the Vedic Age. He reviewed the immortal
contributions of the divine culture of India to the rest of the world and endeavoured for nurturing and re-establishing the foundational elements of
the Indian Culture and the roots of its divine nature in new scientific light through several activities of the Gayatri Pariwar.

The Vedic Culture emanates from Gayatri and Yagya. The philosophy, science and sadhana methods of Gayatri and the rituals of Yagya lie in the heart of the mission. These are studied and revived in new scientific light. Propagation of
these in ideal vedic tradition by the mission has eliminated the misconceptions and brought in sight the righteous knowledge and enormous benefits of doing
yagyas of different kinds and practising Gayatri Meditation.

Higher-level research on Gayatri Mantra and the scientific effects of Yagya is also carried out in the mission's research centre.

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